Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dark Matter and New line up of Solar System

These two have been the hottest topic in the scientific circle. However being not a physicist, or astronomers or cosmologist, I am not able to understand this stuff very well though I have no problem in understanding their arguments. Here is an article
Colliding Clusters Shed Light on Dark Matter give some light on what the hype about dark matter is all about. It seems to me that the existence of dark matter is solely because it has to have it otherwise the galaxy would fly apart without enough gravity holding it together.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What exactly is the definition of terrorism

According to Kofi Annan, who was trying to get governments to agree on a definition at the United Nations last year, an act is terrorism "if it is intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act." This was, incidentally, also the phrasing used by the first Chair of the Security Council Committee on Terrorism, UK Ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

It is concise and precise - and clearly excludes much of what Israel, the US and other governments have tried to brand as terrorism.

A very good article gives insight into why the US, Israel and other countries want to label an organization as terrorist.

Another article might be of interest again from Asian Times. It analyzed the possible role of US in planning the air campaign with Israel Defense Forces against Lebanon. The final goal from the US side is seemingly to learn on how to bomb and destory Iran nuclear facilities by first waging a war with Hezbollah, who has received support from Iran in building elaborate and complex underground tunnels for storing missiles. Of course, US would watch the war, a dry run against Iran, idly by using Israel as a proxy.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What is happening on the earth now only add more anxiety

Southern China is hit by the worst-ever Typhoon in half a century, causing over 30 causualties, many missing and millions displaced fleeing their homes. The Typhoon is categorized as Super 5 and but it is weakened to category 4 at landfall, the same scale of Hurricane Katrina lashing the US gulf coast last year.

The war bewteen Israel and Hezbollah sees no prospect of end in sight. The expansion of Israelis ground invasion deep into southern Lebanon can only cause more civilian causualities and refugees. I myself have never experienced war, but it is imaginable what it would be like if your home get bombed and wound up flee your hometown for life. The cease-fire deal at UN is still under give and take after the first draft by US and France is considered biased by Arab world which later demand the withdrawl of Isralis troop before the UN peacemaking force is installed along the border.

Today, 21 suspects are captured at Heathrow airport in suspicion of terror plot to exploding a series of airplanes heading for Great Britian to the United States. It is all but too soul searching, what exactly is the root cause of all this evil minds that motivates these young homegrown terrorists sacrificing their own lives to "commit mass murder in a unimaginable scale". I don't know, but it has to relate with regilion, culture and value conflict between the Middle East and Western. The target is always on US and UK, that actually says a lot about the foreign policy of these two countries. A policy maybe is more hypocrite and oriented to their own national interests in the disguise of pursuit and promotion of democracy in Middle East.

In the own soil of US, there is already strong voices against Iraq war which is not in a quagmire of civil war. Joe Liberman, a top democratic senator, is defeated in the primary election by a political unknown millionaire. Many believed he is the war causualty. Widely considered as a referendum on Iraq war and President Bush, the primary election is viewed by many as dominated by a minority of extreme far left audience.

Of course, the civil war in Iraq would give US a more legitimate excuse to stay in Iraq longer. It is even more disturbing that it is believed that US is happy to see happening and even has its hands or intention in the start of the civil war so that they would have more say in Iraq domestic policies. Already, Iraq's current government is a puppet of Bush. The domestic clash would make the government even more relying on or even begging on their knees for the protection of US security force.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nobel Laureate Professor Bullied MIT Prospect

Boston Globe opened the matter to the public.


If I am not wrong, the prof. is a Japanese. But the race is irrevelant in this case. I think this kind of thing happened everywhere but it is got magnified in scale because it happened to happen in MIT, a prestigious elephant. Academic monopoly or hegemony is not new in many fields.

Also I came across an interesting blog by a woman scientist with a pseudonym. It is definitely worthwhile to read it even you are a male scientist since she addressed some issues quite common to all researchers.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Emotionally drained

The past couple of weeks is like hell. I am First, we have a war still going on as US insisted a cease-fire makes sense only when substantial conditions (...) are met. The world seems to stand by and watch without actions. There is give and take in the negotiation. With US being the only side who has enough influence over the Israel who is continuously defiant of pouring internation condemnations. The fight caused more civilian loss in Lebanon than Israel. In a singly day, the Israel air strike killed over 50 villagers in Gana, southern Lebanon.

On the other hand, I have a former colleague passed away two weeks ago by committing suicide, of which the reason is still mystical. Its death has rapidly made the headlines of most Chinese newsmedia in the world and aroused numerous speculation and discussion about it. The news is kept coming for some reasons. I guess it is really shocking to Chinese who put the upmost value on education. However the person who received the highest and best education in both the East and the West world failed to survive shortly after out of the ivory tower. It made me very sad and perplexed and distressed for an answer. Many believes that it is the aloofness he possessed kills him evenutally. My friends sent me links and called me about it. My parents in China even knew it and asked whether I am aware of it and know the person. I kinda of pretended that I didn't know about it and in the hope that it would not add any more to the sadness of my parents, particularly my mom.

The incident makes you think what might go deadly wrong with Chinese education system and values. We have a brilliant mind who was able to pass all educationally extremely competitive qualification tests about failed a stricter test imposed by the life. It is a soul-searching process, but what exactly our soul should sit on. To some extent, it is not the wisdom but rather instinct that we should follow if you think about it. We have been forced to do things against our wills. If our own wills are able to override what the society superimpose on us, then there stands a chance that we will survive better.

I will write more if I can find more energy later.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Is israel sadistic

I think that many people in the world have the same question asked in regard to the recent air invasion into Lebanon. The answer is absolute yes. Using the excuse of saving two israel soliders to bombard a sovereignty country is plain unjustified. Israel takes advantage of its technology and military power over the Lebanon to the extreme by bombing the civilian facilities, roads, airports and hospitals, to name a few, as they see fit. It strenuously defies international condemnation on its disproportionate wielding of its supreme forces.

What are really in Israeli's fiendish minds? Is it really as what the PM of Lebanon said it is to bring the lebanonese on their knees? The scale of the airstrike goes far beyond of its goal to rescue the two captured soliders. It looks like the israel wants to send a clear signal to Arabic world that don't mess with me, otherwise you have to face the dire consequence as all seen in Lebanon.

Hezbollah at the same time didn't seem to retreat this position an inch by claiming that under no way the two soliders will be released unless indirect negotiations and exchange of prisoners. So to me the hezbollah is no way back in this war. The Israel seems to see this as an fact and are preparing for the troop invasion into southern Lebanon in order to root out the hezbollah militias.

In contrast to the international condemnation, the US remained consistently his stance in support of Israel, which many say is the 51 state of its territory.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Disgruntled Chemist

The Disgruntled Chemist

One of the most popular science blog.

What is wrong with this world

Israel bombed Lebanon triggered by the capture of two Israel soldiers by Hezbollah. Today marked the sixth day of the no letup air strikes by Israel. Two hundred casualties is reported up to now and the number certainly will be going up with unlikely prospect of a cease-fire anytime soon. It is widely believed that Hezbollah is backed by Syria and Iran, which expect the war could divert the international attention away from its nuclear weapon program which could cause sanctions from international community.

Israel is facing attacking from two fronts: Hezbollah and Hamas.

On the other front, N. Korea rejected a resolution by UN security council aiming at stopping its future missile launch otherwise it would be facing harsher sanctions.

Iraq is still a hot spot.

You wonder what kind of life that the middle east people are living.

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